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About Top of the Line Chiropractic

At Top of the Line Chiropractic, every visit to our practice is a step toward better health. Founded by Dr. Logan Collins and Dr. Annamarie Glenn, our practice is a testament to the incredible power of holistic chiropractic care, serving both humans and animals in Broomfield.

From Passion to Practice

Drs. Logan and Annamarie’s journey began in the halls of chiropractic school in Iowa, where their shared vision for a health-focused community took root. Choosing to set up their practice in Broomfield, close to family and the majestic Rockies, they created Top of the Line Chiropractic—a sanctuary for healing and learning, dedicated to treating patients with comprehensive, compassionate care.

More Than Just Treatment

At Top of the Line Chiropractic, we believe true health encompasses mind, body, and spirit. Our holistic approach targets the nervous system, the cornerstone of bodily function, to address ailments at their source. By treating the whole system rather than isolated symptoms, we unlock pathways to enduring health and vitality.

The Top of the Line Chiropractic Difference

  • All-Encompassing Care: We uniquely cater to both people and pets, offering specialized chiropractic care that ensures well-being across species.
  • Empowerment Through Education: We equip our patients with the knowledge they need to participate actively in their healing processes.
  • A Commitment to Community: As a family-run clinic, we cherish the personal connections we forge and strive to create a warm, supportive environment for all our patients.

Start Your Journey to Better Health

Contact us at Top of the Line Chiropractic to discover a healthier, happier community. We can’t wait to welcome you into the practice and help you experience the power of true health, naturally.


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