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Meet Dr. Logan Collins

A Legacy of Healing

Dr. LoganBorn into a family of chiropractors in Monticello, Arkansas, Dr. Logan Collins was inspired from a young age by the power of chiropractic care. His passion for healing led him to the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, where he not only honed his skills but also met his future partner, both in life and in practice, Dr. Annamarie Glenn.

Together, they share a commitment to improving health and enhancing lives through chiropractic.

Philosophy and Practice

Dr. Collins’s approach to chiropractic goes beyond alleviating symptoms; he seeks to understand and treat the underlying causes of discomfort and illness. With a focus on individualized care, he strives to promote long-term health and vitality in all his patients. His background in soccer and understanding of physical wellness infuses his practice with a deep appreciation for injury prevention and holistic care.

A New Chapter in Colorado

After working alongside his father in Arkansas, Dr. Collins, together with Dr. Glenn, relocated to Colorado to establish Top of the Line Chiropractic. Here, they bring a unique blend of expertise and shared dedication to fostering wellness within the community.

Life Beyond the Clinic

Outside the clinic, Dr. Collins enjoys the natural beauty of Colorado, exploring its landscapes with Annamarie and actively engaging in community wellness. He can’t wait to meet you and help your family express their true health potential through gentle, focused adjustments. Learn more about him and get started today by booking a visit with our team.


Dr. Logan Collins | (303) 990-5029